Monday, December 19, 2005

The Lament of Icarus Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I fought the Beast

Well last night I got my first good fire. It couldn't have picked a better day either. After a morning of doing PR with children, an afternoon of training, and an evening of basketball. I had been asleep probably about an hour an a half when the alarm went off at about 12:30. I remember running to the truck half asleep and throwing my gear on and heading out. My company arrived first to find flames rolling out the garage and side of a two story house. I grabbed the houseline and headed for the door. This is what i had been anticipating and now was my chance to get a taste for it.

It was pretty chaotic.

I remember -
being in the garage with fire rolling around on three sides of me.
heading inside where smoke obscured everything accept the faint glow of fire in the distance.
my knees starting to tingle from crawling over embers.
hearing/feeling ceiling debre falling and crashing on my helmet.
spraying the heck outta some water on anything and everything that glowed/burned.

They said we did a damn good job. We saved the guys house for the most part. For how much fire was rolling through the 3 rooms when we pulled up to the house it was lucky that we did everything the way with did and with a quickness. I'm glad i had another member of my company behind me shoving me further in and pulling me back when needed, gave me peace of mind at least to know one of these guys that i live with 1 outta every 3 days was backing me up.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

This is how i roll. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween! Good work to the owners of this house downtown.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

For love or money

I've kinda been thinking about possibly going for a job with City of Charleston FD. I think they make a little less then im making now but they get a lot more fires. Work in MP has just been so slow lately.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I miss all my friends who live in Atlanta and Va. Here's a picture of my friend Lindsey and I on July 4th. I need Jan. to get here so i can start taking vacation time and finally make it back to Atlanta for a visit. Posted by Picasa

Glad fall is here.

Went to my cousins wedding this weekend. He and the rest of my mothers family all live in the small town i was born in. My dad was an outsider who was just there on business when he met my mom and after marriage, my sisters birth and then my birth we all moved to Ga. and beyond. I always thought i was lucky for escaping the whole small town life. Sometimes i have to wonder though. Maybe the simple life would be a lot happier. Theres a decent part of me that would love to find the perfect small town girl, get married and start having kids. Every weekend we could go down the road to some relatives house for a cookout. Every Sunday go to church and see all the relatives. I could'nt do it now though, i'm too damn wild at heart. I jump around way too much from one thing or place to another. Thought this was something i would outgrow by now but i think its getting worse...damn restlessness.

Fall is here finally, im actually ready for it. Temperature in charleston is still havning around the high 70's, low to mid 80's. I need the cool weather though, it gives me that mischiefy fall feeling.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Do dumbasses deserve to drown?

I don't know whats worse, Kanya West's stupid ass saying that George Bush hates black people or the morons who heard it and believed him. Dubya isn't by any means my first choice for president, but saying he hates black people is just moronic. Unless of course it was someone who new him personally, who may have enough information to make that kinda opinion. None-the-less, stupid worthless celebrities will always run their mouths.

Next question: why is the federal government getting so much shit about "not being prepared for this type of disaster"? WTF! What about the state and city governments? They should be the first people held accountable yet i dont hear shit about what they did wrong or failed to do. Im sick of all this shit. The people in these places who are now bitching about noone helping them and blaming their problems on someone else need to be kicked in the ass and then sterilized. Help yourselves you worthless motherfuckers. I am in no way opposed to going and helping out in the relief efforts, but not because i owe it to anyone, but because helping out is the right thing to do.